Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

4 Things To Buy At An Estate Sale

Howard Jones

When someone dies, and their loved ones decide to liquidate their estate, it is known as an estate sale. During estate sales, there is often a lot of amazing finds, if you know where to look. You can find priceless antiques, modern-style furniture, and even vintage jewelry from over a century ago. Here are some things to consider buying at an estate sale, as well as a few things it is a good idea to pass on.


Real silverware is not sold at your local retail or chain store; it is high-quality and can get very expensive. Think about the silverware your grandmother only pulls out during the holidays. This is what you want to look for at estate sales. It is often for sale at such sales, where you can find silver and gold flatware that is still in good condition. Don't worry if it looks a little faded, because most silverware can be polished to look new. Plus, consider that the scuff marks are a sign of the aging process, which shows you might have a real antique on your hands.


Another thing for the kitchen to get from an estate sale is dishware. If you shop around in stores for dishware, there is often a limited selection because they only carry what is currently popular. If you like the vintage feel of delicate flowers and vines on your dishware, why not look at estate sales? Not only do they sell full sets, but you might find single pieces missing from your collection, or fine china that will look great in your china cabinet.

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry isn't easy to find these days, and even if you do see an advertisement for it, it is hard to know if what they are selling is truly an antique. You have a better shot at finding honest-to-goodness vintage jewelry items at estate sales. The deceased's family may not want what looks like priceless costume jewelry, but if you know what you're looking for, you can score big by looking at jewelry. It helps to bring along someone who is experienced at identifying antique jewelry and knowing its worth.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is another type of item that can be expensive when you are buying it in stores, but can be purchased for a large discount at estate sales. You can also find amazing antique furniture at these sales, but don't limit yourself so much. Even modern furniture is sold during estate sales, such as coffee and side tables, solid wood desks, bureaus, and entertainment centers. They are often solid wood, heavy, and of wonderful quality. You are paying secondhand prices for what might have been in this person's family for years.

While there are a lot of great kinds at estate sales, you shouldn't purchase everything there. Buying big appliances is usually not a good idea because you might not get the opportunity to test it out and make sure it works. You should also reconsider upholstered furniture, as it might contain bed bugs or stains that you don't see right away. (For more information on estate jewelry, contact The Owl's Tale)


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