Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Unique Gifts For A Coin Collector

Howard Jones

If you have a loved one who collects coins, you may want to incorporate this hobby into the gift you are interested in giving to them. Coin collecting is a fun pastime that can be done for years, so it makes sense to give them something that showcases the coins collected. Here are a few gift ideas you can use that will help your loved one show off these collections to others.

A Jewelry Display

Pick out a piece of jewelry that will help your loved one keep a favorite coin close to them at all times. Coin collection businesses usually have an array of heirloom and antique jewelry on hand, as well as some pieces that allow you to slide a coin into an opening for displaying prominently for others to see. Necklaces and bracelets are popular choices, as well as belts or watches where you can slide more than one coin into a holder constructed in the middle of the leather. This is a great way to show off the coin collecting hobby in a unique way.

A Treasure Chest

Construct a treasure chest with the help of some products you can buy at a craft store. These stores carry unpainted wood boxes in several styles. Find one that has a hinged lid. Paint in a rustic brown color with gold trim. Paint on some wording on the top of the lid specifying the name of your loved one. Place several coins inside the box. Mix up the colors of the coins between bronze, silver, and possibly even a gold coin for some exciting treasure hunting.

A Desired Coin

Visit a reputable coin dealer to purchase a coin you are sure is not already in your loved one's collection. If you do happen to select a duplicate coin, they should be able to trade it for something comparable in value. Make your presentation fun. Wrap the coin in a little package and place it into a box. Wrap this box and place it into a larger box. Do this several times until you have a very large wrapped box to give to your loved one. Watch the drama unfold as they must keep opening until they get down to their prized new possession!

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