Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Adding Personal Sparkle To Your Gift Of Fine Jewelry

Howard Jones

Jewelry is a traditional and time tested gift. When you give quality jewelry to someone you love, take time to consider the meaning behind your gift. Here are some ways to make your gift of jewelry even more special and significant. 


Before you begin shopping for the perfect piece, discover which precious gem is associated with the month the recipient of your gift was born. This is especially appropriate if your gift is for a birthday. Another way to use birthstones in jewelry is to create a piece with the birthstones of people the gift recipient loves. You might give a mother a ring featuring the birthstones of her children or a partner a piece with both your birthstones set together. 


Add instant sentimental value to your gift of fine jewelry by having it engraved. Choose a special message, a meaningful quote from a song or a memorable date.


Symbols are often used in fine jewelry, and adding symbolism is a wonderful way to make your gift unique and personal. You may choose a specific symbol such as a gold pendant of a piano for a musician or a horse for someone who rides. Find a beautiful pendant with the outline of a mother and child for a new mom. The recipient of your gift will appreciate that you put thought into making it reflection of something close to the person's heart. 

Abstract symbols are more appropriate for a more sophisticated gift. Choose a piece with interlocking pieces of rose gold and white gold to symbolize your relationship with the other person, or give a piece embellished with four hearts to symbolize your family of four. 

Give New Life to an Old Piece

Perhaps you and your spouse have upgraded your wedding rings but still have the old ones in a jewelry box. Or maybe your partner has an inherited piece of jewelry that is just not a style that person would wear. You can take the stones from older pieces and have them incorporated into a brand new gift that will hold the original meaning of the piece but also give the recipient something more appropriate and useful. 

When you give fine jewelry, consider what is unique about the recipient as well as the statement you are trying to make, and you will add personal and sentimental value to your choice. Visit a jewelry store like Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry today.


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