Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Four Ways To Tell If Your Diamond Is Real

Howard Jones

If you aren't sure if the sparkling gemstones in a piece of jewelry that you own are authentic diamonds, you have probably heard that only real diamonds can scratch glass. However, many of today's high-quality imitations scratch glass equally well as genuine diamonds, so spare your windows and try the following four methods instead.

Rub the Stone With Sandpaper

Sandpaper can't scratch a real diamond. To perform the sandpaper test, place a sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface and vigorously rub the diamond against it. If the stone becomes scratched, it isn't an authentic diamond. Only use this method if you are prepared to ruin the stone, however -- if it's an attractive piece that you enjoy wearing and would continue doing so even if you discovered that the stone wasn't a diamond, try another method of investigation and preserve the stone.

Breathe on the Diamond

Breathe lightly onto the stone's surface and watch how quickly the resulting fog dissipates. Because diamonds function as excellent heat conductors, the fog on a genuine diamond disappears almost at once, while it may take up to two seconds or longer for the fog to disperse on fakes. This is one of the easiest tests to perform, but it may be difficult to see the results on smaller stones. Also, a synthetic stone known as moissanite that is sometimes used to craft newer pieces is capable of passing the fog test.

Hold it Up to the Light

A genuine diamond will sparkle and shine inside with white and gray light while dispersing the colors of the rainbow onto other surfaces. Fake stones will show rainbow colors in their interiors, particularly moissanite. Also, you can place a loose diamond on a piece of newspaper, shine a light on it, and look closely to discern whether the newsprint beneath the stone is visible. If so, it probably a fake.

Examine the Stone Through a Jeweler's Loupe

A jeweler's loupe is a type of magnifying glass that you can purchase from your local jewelry retailer. Natural diamonds feature sharply defined faucets, while fake stones have rounded edges. Real diamond also have imperfections, so be wary if your stone looks too perfect under examination.

Keep in mind that even extremely skilled amateurs are frequently fooled by today's well-crafted fakes. The methods above are designed to weed out the obvious imposters rather than to establish definitive authenticity. If your diamond passes the above tests, the next step is to take it to a certified gemologist (like those at The Gold Miner). Your insurance company will require a certificate of authenticity for the piece anyway, which can only be obtained from a professional jeweler.


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