Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Antiquity Meets Ancient Goddesses Meets Avant-Garde: Identifying Jewelry That Falls Under This Category

Howard Jones

There are some jewelry companies out there, such as House of Harlow, that like to go back to human roots and explore antiquated forms of art. These pieces may not always be labeled with their jeweler's mark, so if you expect to find and purchase some of their older pieces at auction, you should first become familiar with their styles. Here is how to identify some pieces from House of Harlow (H of H), as a starting point in your jewelry auction adventures.

Antiquity Meets Ancient Deities

The names of many of the jewelry pieces by H of H often include the name of a pagan deity. While the attempts are to remind people of ancient goddesses (because the jewelry is typically marketed toward women), there may be a male deity name attached to a few pieces too. The primary idea is to think about ancient civilizations when you view these pieces, and the names of the pagan deities help you picture these ancient times, places, and religious symbols in the right light.

Ancient Deities Meets Avant-Garde

When you look at a genuine piece of H of H jewelry, there is a definite feel of avant-garde art and design involved. The shapes are basic, but they clearly would not be symbolic of anything without a title or some small back story to go with them. The names of the pieces, with their deity names, helps you see what the artists and designers of these pieces was shooting for.

If you spot a piece at auction that looks like it could be an H of H piece, look for a very "avant-garde meets ancient deities and antiquated symbols" sort of appearance. A House of Harlow jeweler could tell you for certain, but using an amateur eye to pick out auction pieces and collect them first will have to be your job. Some auction houses even make the mistake of selling these items as just antique jewelry made of silver or gold, but the real deal is much more than the sum of its precious metal.

What Happens When It Is NOT a House of Harlowe Piece

This is bound to happen. Most amateurs get excited about finding what they think is a real H of H piece, and it just ends up being a different jewelry designer, manufacturer, or a true antique, avant-garde piece of costume jewelry. It is okay; you still get a nice piece of jewelry that you are fond of or attracted to, and you know it does have some resale value because of its original auction value. Buying jewelry is a learning process, and you will get better at recognizing these specific pieces of jewelry over time.

Check out sites such as Fashionest to see what H of H jewelry looks like. 


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