Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Are You And Your Fiancé Shopping For Wedding Rings Together?

Howard Jones

Maybe your groom-to-be has been frank about the fact that he isn't comfortable selecting your engagement ring. If that's the case, maybe you have decided to shop for luxury diamond wedding rings together. Because of the social distance restrictions that COVID-19 has put on you, you are probably very happy that you can shop online for wedding rings that will be worn the rest of your lives. You've come to the right place for ideas that might inspire your online shopping experience.

Custom Women's Luxury Diamond Wedding Rings - Consider whether you want an engagement ring and a separate wedding ring or if you want to wear only one ring that represents your devotion to each other. There are so many beautiful designs that you might have trouble choosing the one you want. On the other hand, when you see a certain ring, you might know right away that it is the one for you.

If you want only a single ring, think of selecting a unique design that has two rows of tiny diamond-embedded leaves placed close together to form a wreath. An antique style ring in white gold will give you a very traditional style ring. Or, select the same ring but created with yellow gold instead of the white gold.

Maybe you like contemporary jewelry. If so, choose an emerald ring with a band embedded with smaller black diamonds.  Your luxury diamond wedding ring might be inspired by Princess Diana's blue sapphire ring that had a diamond halo as part of the design. 

Custom Men's Luxury Wedding Ring - Although the groom's ring might not be as elaborate as your ring, but you still want it to be unique. Will your fiancé be happier with an intricate design for his wedding band, or will he prefer something more traditional? There are certainly many choices in your price range.

One idea is to select a black whiskey barrel design that has a center gold inlay. A domed tungsten right with a braided platinum inlay is another type of unique wedding ring. Picture a white gold band with a yellow gold band encircling the top and the bottom of the ring. Or, go with a traditional gold ring with no added embellishment. 

If you select rings that can have engravings on the inside, consider carefully what you want the engraving to say.  It can be as simple as the word Forever or something longer like Wither thou goest I will go, from the Old Testament book of Ruth. 


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Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

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