Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Inexperienced at Jewelry Accessorizing? 5 Guidelines Anyone Can Use

Howard Jones

Coordinating jewelry with your outfit can be difficult for those who aren't experienced in accessorizing. But you can do it successfully by following a few easy rules of thumb. What are some of these? Here are a few guidelines to give you direction.

1. Match the Occasion. Think about not only what you're wearing but also what you will be doing. You may not want to bling up a little black dress for a lunchtime work function. Instead, you might opt for a pop of color rather than sparkle. On the other hand, a cocktail reception after work would be a great place to get out those diamonds. 

2. Use the Color Wheel. A color wheel is a great tool for anyone who doesn't know how to match different colors or shades. It's easily found in many sources, including online, and it lays out the colors all across the spectrum in a circular format. You would then use this circle to match colors based on their location. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the wheel. Triad colors form a triangle. And analogous colors are side by side. 

3. Contrast Simple and Complex. Look at your outfit and consider how complex or simple it is. That little black dress is often monochrome and minimalist. In this case, fancy or intricate jewelry forms a nice contrast. But a bride with a lacy or embroidered gown may want to pair the complicated patterns with simplistic jewelry rather than take away from the dress. 

4. Choose a Statement Piece. Most outfits work well with one statement piece of jewelry rather than splitting attention. You might layer several necklaces in a V neckline to make this area a focal point. Pair this with simple earrings and a bracelet. An updo might call for longer, larger statement earrings to highlight your hair or face. Put your energy into choosing a statement item and don't stress over the rest. 

5. Have Some Fun. Accessorizing your outfits should be enjoyable, so feel free to experiment with things that make you happy. Love a rich fall color during spring or summer? Wear it in the form of statement earrings or a bold necklace for a fun surprise. Inherited an eclectic pendant from your grandma? Mix it up with other unique items for a quirky layered look. When you enjoy your jewelry, both you and it are more beautiful. 

Jewelry accessorizing can be great fun even for a beginner. While there are no hard-and-fast rules as to what you can wear, knowing the basic elements of good matching gives you a foundation on which to express yourself. Learn more by consulting with a jeweler in your area today. 


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