Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Mermaid Jewelry: How And When To Wear This Fun Fashion Statement Jewelry

Howard Jones

Whether you have an affinity for mermaids and want to incorporate them into your regular fashion style or you have seen mermaid jewelry before and you aren't sure how to wear it, this guide will be helpful to you. Mermaid jewelry is a fun trend that can be both whimsical and professional in its appeal, so don't be afraid to gather some mermaid pendants and other pieces for your everyday wear.

Here are ways you can wear mermaid jewelry. You can buy mermaid pendants, rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, and more from your local jeweler, online, and wherever you normally shop for accessories in fashion and fun.

In the office

If you're going to bring mermaid jewelry into the office, the key is subtly for successful accessory inclusion. Consider a mermaid pendant inspired by the sea, containing a slight silhouette of a mermaid with a single pearl. Or, simply choose earrings that are the colors of a mermaid's scales or other simple homages to mermaid jewelry so you can incorporate this fun trend in the office without taking away from your professional attire.

On a date

Wearing mermaid jewelry on a date is all about fun. You can choose detailed pieces of cheeky mermaids or mermaid pendants that show the feminine silhouettes of these mythical creatures without worrying about showing too much of your sense of style in doing so. Choose a pair of scale-inspired earrings paired with a beautiful and detailed pendant just below your collar bone to give your date outfit the extra touch it needs for a night on the town.

As daily wear

For casual daily wear, mermaid jewelry can be enjoyed in many ways. You can go big with a large mermaid ring, or do something more casual by having a small pendant created to fit you well and match with any outfit. Casual mermaid jewelry is all about fun and color, so don't be afraid to really stand out. Varying mermaid jewelry pieces only add to the allure and make your outfits even more complete than ever.

When you buy mermaid jewelry, pick a budget and stick to it. This way, you can vary the number of pieces you can buy, or you can choose to splurge on just a few mermaid pendants. Your options are endless with jewelry created with mermaids in mind, so speak to your jeweler about having custom pieces created. You can mix and match your mermaid jewelry pieces to make them even more alluring when you wear them. Contact someone like Zealandia Designs for more details.


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