Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Three Letter Earring Options

Howard Jones

One fun way that you can express yourself is by wearing two or more letter-shaped earrings. You can find a selection of these earrings at a local jewelry store, and it can be fun to look at available options to decide which specific products best suit your personality. People take different approaches to wearing lettering earrings. A common idea is to choose a letter that represents your first name and wear one of these earrings in each ear. If you want to get creative, consider a mismatched look. For example, two different letters that can represent your first and last name or represent the names of your children. Here are a few letter earring options.


For people who want their jewelry to have a subtle look, studs are always a good choice. Jewelry stores carry all sorts of stud earring designs, including some that feature letters. You'll find all sorts of styles when you browse a selection of letter-shaped studs. Some of the letters will be simple block letters, while others may have a script-style font. The size of these earrings can vary, too, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a size that best suits you. For something on the subtler side, you might favor tiny studs.


There are also lots of dangle earrings that feature letters. The dangling portion of these earrings can vary in size, but you'll find that most of them are larger than studs. This can be a good choice for someone who doesn't want to be overly subtle; whereas, someone might not notice your letter-shaped stud earrings, but they'll almost certainly be aware of the letters that appear on your dangle earrings. Some people like dangle earrings because of how they move when you turn your head. If you choose something that features small gemstones or cut glass, the letters will have a sparkly appearance.


If you like the look of hoop earrings but you're also interested in letter-shaped earrings, look for a pair of hoops that feature letters inside of them. There's almost nothing subtle about this look. If you're proud of your initials and are eager to make them a part of your appearance, this can be a style of earrings that works well for you. Some hoop earrings have letters that dangle off them, which combines the look of traditional hoop earrings with dangle earrings. Browse these and other earring options at your local jewelry store.


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