Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Finding Perfect Accent Pieces

Using Jewelry As Collateral For A Loan

Howard Jones

With the cost of living being so high, working a job that pays minimum wage could lead to living from paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, bills could become due before payday comes around and leave someone in a tough situation in which money is desperately needed. There are numerous places to obtain a loan in such a situation, but it can be hard to meet the lender's criteria for getting approved. An alternative to obtaining a traditional loan is to consider choosing a lender who allows borrowers to use something of value as collateral for an easy loan. For example, using jewelry as collateral is an effective way to get fast money when someone is in dire need of money.

What Types of Jewelry Can Be Used as Collateral?

When a borrower presents jewelry to a lender to use as collateral, the jewelry must be valuable. For example, the jewelry must be worth the amount of the loan, or more than what is borrowed. To determine the value of the jewelry, it will be professionally assessed by the lender. Gold jewelry is one of the most valuable types that is accepted by lenders, especially if the gold is pure. A borrower does not have to worry about the jewelry being damaged, as it is usually still acceptable in the eyes of most lenders.

When Must a Loan on Jewelry Be Paid Back?

The due date for paying back a loan depends on which lender the customer decides to borrow money from. If the loan is not paid back on the due date, the lender might allow the borrower more time to pay under certain conditions. At some point after failing to pay the money back, the lender will simply take legal possession of the jewelry. The ability of a lender to take legal possession of the jewelry if the money is not repaid is why such loans are not usually difficult to obtain.

How Soon Is Money Given on a Jewelry Loan?

When jewelry is used as collateral for a loan, the money is usually given in a fast manner. The speed of the loan depends on how the jewelry is given to the lender. For example, if the jewelry is mailed to the lender, the money is usually sent to the borrower shortly afterward. If the jewelry is presented to a lender in person, the money can be given at the same time that the loan is approved. 

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